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"Success depends less on strength of body than upon strength of mind and character".   - Arnold Palmer

Kids Golf Association believes golf is one of the greatest games ever conceived. In addition to being fun to play, golf provides exercise, is relatively injury free, develops friendships, stretches your mind, fosters a code of conduct and can be played for a lifetime.  


In the past, not many children had access to golf because it was too expensive or inconvenient to take them to the golf course. Not anymore. 




KGA delivers our acclaimed golf curriculum to the place your children already spend a lot of their time - their school! The fee is all-inclusive. Everything is provided. All your child needs is a desire to participate, learn, and have fun!


Each of our enthusiastic and caring coaches is well screened and certified to help your kids progress through our unique programs and become not only better golfers, but better people. Our mission is to give each child a foundation for an active, healthy, and virtuous lifestyle through the game of golf.  


We invite you to share your children with us and give us the privilege to introduce them to a game that will reward them with a lifetime of benefits.


To find just the right plan for your child, check out our programs or register now to view locations and schedules.



Walk approximately 5 miles and burn almost 2000 calories during a round of golf!

Kids Golf Association LLC

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