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KGA Golf Tournaments are designed to give children the platform to experience golf at an organized competitive level. These events are structured similarly to those found on many of the junior golf tours.

  • Tournaments are categorized by age and gender. 

  • Two flights available: Championship and Development. Championship flight entry is performance based.

  • Course length varies by age and gender.

  • Most tournaments are individual stroke play format.

  • Number of holes played is based on age.

  • Code of Conduct policy applies.

  • No disqualifications for rules infractions.  A maximum penalty of 5 strokes will apply for each infraction that otherwise would cause disqualification.  A player may be disqualified for Code of Conduct violations. 

  • We encourage parent participation by allowing parents to caddy for their children and parent volunteers are always welcome!  Use our Contact page to sign up to volunteer.

KGA tournaments are a great way to introduce kids to organized competition on a local level.





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